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Jun 20, 2022



  • Improved performance of loading documents with many pages in continuous mode. These documents are no longer automatically opened in single page mode. To disable this functionality and revert to the previous behavior you can use the disableVirtualDisplayMode: true constructor option.
  • Added the ability to snap caption positions of a distance measurement annotation to the left, right and center. The related APIs are getCaptionSnapPostion and setCaptionSnapPostion
  • Added new APIs getScales, createAndApplyScale, replaceScale, and deleteScale to MeasurementManager for managing scales
  • Updated setAssociatedSignatureAnnotation so that it would automatically show/hide the "sign here" button
  • Added the Core.Scale class to make it easier to work with measurement scales
  • Updated lodash to version 4.17.21
  • Updated the SubmitForm action so that a handler callback is always required
  • Added new AnnotationChangedActions constant to AnnotationManager for annotationChanged event actions
  • Renamed the layoutChanged API to pagesUpdated
  • Added setEditorOptions/getEditorOptions APIs to set/get Quill configuration options for FreeText annotation editing
  • Added a meta tag with noindex to block search engine indexing of WebViewer HTML files
  • Added ability to pan the document by holding down the mouse wheel button
  • Added hybrid draw mode for line tools to create lines in two clicks instead of click and drag
  • Added getAutoSmoothingRange to FreehandHighlightCreateTool
  • Added warning when importing grouped annotations with invalid parent annotation ID


  • Fixed callout annotation text box size when the annotation is resized then duplicated
  • Fixed callout annotation size when the annotation was moved and then the change was undone
  • Fixed issue where dragging annotations at high zoom levels was unusable
  • Fixed issue where signature annotations were incorrectly drawn underneath other types of annotations
  • Fixed issue where zooming in really far onto the page and setting the fit mode would change the page
  • Fixed issue with loading "initialDoc" that has a comma in it
  • Fixed issue with snapping in the Arc tool
  • Fixed issue with loading an office document with an error prevented the fixed document from being loaded until you refreshed the page
  • Fixed issue where searching the document one result at a time caused issues
  • Fixed issue where deleted page's bookmarks were not removed
  • Fixed issue where a custom polygon selection model would not be used after importing a polygon
  • Fixed issue where a particular link's URL didn't open correctly
  • Fixed issue with dark sticky annotations not changing color in dark mode
  • Fixed NoZoom properties not affecting other annotations other than Sticky Notes
  • Fixed issue with RTL search results being incorrect
  • Fixed missing documented APIs for Rectangle and Polygon
  • Fixed an issue with events when clicking TextMarkupAnnotations with immediateActionOnAnnotationSelection
  • Fixed issue where changing the display mode after loading a second document could cause issues with the virtual display mode
  • Fixed issue where a non-standard checkbox type wasn't handled properly
  • Fixed bug when XFDF has incorrect font family and font-size order
  • Fixed deprecation warning when calling removeEventListener without second parameter
  • Fixed rendering bug when using multiple document viewers with a custom UI
  • Disabled snap indicators when dragging the caption control point on distance measurement annotation
  • Fixed an issue with exportAnnotationCommand when moving annotations across pages
  • Fixed bug where InkHighlight intent FreeHand annotations are opaque
  • Fixed issue where free text annotations would jump to original page upon editing after dragging to another page
  • Fixed missing required flag on Signature widgets
  • Fixed issue where Apple Pencil stylus mode was causing a dot to appear when switching from free hand



  • Added support for rich text for all comments in the Notes Panel. Keyboard shortcuts can be used to change the text style.
  • Added APIs to collapse long annotation comments in the Notes Panel. UI.NotesPanel.enable/disableTextCollapse and UI.NotesPanel.enable/disableReplyCollapse.
  • Added an input field for changing stroke thickness and opacity in the style popup
  • Added support for setting a stroke thickness less than 1 in the style popup
  • Added new API UI.addDateTimeFormat to change the available date and time formats in UI dropdowns
  • Added new options for font customization on custom stamps
  • Added accessibility support for the TAB hotkey for the Language Modal
  • Added support for the center alignment for signatures on fields
  • Added dropdowns to select line endings of lines
  • Redesigned Print, Watermark, Password, and Error modals
  • Added Arc shape tool under shapes tool group in the UI
  • Adjusted thumbnail selection style to better support multiselect
  • Added option to printInBackground and setDefaultPrintOptions to toggle autorotation
  • Changed cloudy rectangle area measurement tool to be hidden by default
  • Added API to disable/enable the expansion of the comments thread in the notes panel
  • Added new UI for annotation filter modal
  • Added thumbnailControlMenu to customize the thumbnail menu items


  • Fixed issue where VISIBILITY_CHANGED was not being fired for the Left Panel tabs
  • Fixed issue where a link wasn't able to be added by pressing Enter in the link modal
  • Removed thumbnail and search panel elements from tabbing order when they are hidden
  • Fixed issue with tab state not being saved and throwing an error in multitab mode
  • Fixed issues related to the language modal with the mobile UI
  • Fixed issue where the search text was overlapping the clear button if it was too long
  • Fixed issue where there distance measurement annotations with the FontSize property wouldn't show the font size slider
  • Fixed printing issue in Chrome and Firefox browsers on iOS devices
  • Fixed issue where the Add New Signature button did not show up in the UI when the tool was active
  • Fixed WebViewer crashing with setUserData then adding note annotations
  • Fixed font size dropdown issue where 128pt will display as 1pt
  • Fixed invisible search text while typing into the search input on iOS Safari
  • Fixed with issue of scroll bar being visible and zooming errors after calling documentViewer.closeDocument
  • Fixed wrong text color returned for form field when re-entering form builder mode
  • Fixed issue where an error would occur with sliders in the ToolStylePopup
  • Fixed some German translations
  • Fixed note panel custom stamp icon to match Acrobat
  • Refactored addTab API and clarified its documentation
  • Fixed the resetting of the free text in the tool style popup
  • Corrected showWarningMessage documentation
  • Fixed bug where Forms ribbon enables Content Edit button in Edit Ribbon
  • Fixed alignment for header title and close button for page replacement modal
  • Fixed annotationChanged event triggering on every slider move
  • Fixed issue where the arc measurement stroke would fail to be set from the UI
  • Fixed bug where measurement scale was not editable on iOS
  • Fixed the sample URL when running the UI by itself
  • Fixed issue where lines and arrows were being rendered in two separate segments when a comment was added to the annotation
  • Fixed issue with iPad pinch zooming being jumpy with the left panel out