Fast PDF.js viewer integration

Add a PDF.js viewer with out-of-the-box annotation, PDF form fill, and signing.

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Why PDF.js Express?

Faster Development Time

Easily deploy your PDF.js viewer with a few lines of code. Reduce development time with step-by-step guides and samples when adding features to your viewer.

Easily Add Annotations

Get 26 pre-built annotations for your PDF.js viewer -- including text highlighting, free-hand draw, comments, shapes, and more. Create custom annotations for unique workflows.

Support Form Filling & eSignatures

Let users fill and submit PDF forms in your viewer. Sign PDFs using hand-drawn annotations, and save signatures for signing multiple pages.

Customize Without Constraint

Start with a modern React.js-based UI and customize it to match your look and feel. Change colors, add custom icons, hide buttons like download or print, and more.

Commercial Support for Viewer Features

Spend less time maintaining your PDF.js viewer with 1-on-1 tech support from the developers who built it.

Scale Effortlessly

When you’re ready for the next step, easily scale your viewer by adding new features, 30+ file formats, and a commercial rendering engine. It’s as simple as swapping out your licensing key and adding new functionality.

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With PDF.js Express you can easily add out-of-the-box
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