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We help software developers do more with PDFs.

PDF.js Express gives a flexible and modern UI to your PDF.js viewer while also adding out-of-the-box features like annotations, form filling and signatures. With step-by-step guides and live support you spend less time deploying your viewer and more time focusing on your users and the day-to-day work they do with PDFs.

Developed by PDFTron

PDF.js Express was developed by the PDFTron team to provide a reliable and affordable PDF Viewer based on the PDF.js rendering engine. Founded in 1998, PDFTron has built a suite of document processing SDKs that brings PDF, CAD, & MS Office capabilities to any software. Over 5000+ customers -- innovative start-ups, government institutions and leading fortune 500 businesses -- have embedded our technology across the most popular platforms and frameworks.

With PDF.js Express you can easily add out-of-the-box features to your PDF viewer

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