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7.1.1 Changelog



  • Fixed issue where printing caused annotations to be out of place or rotated
  • Fixed issue where the page would crash if the display mode was set to "Fit to width"
  • Fixed issue where annotations could be displayed in the incorrect position sometimes if a rotatable annotation was selected
  • Fixed issue where using the loadAsPDF and extension options at the same time could cause problems loading the file
  • Fixed issue where annotations were able to be created outside of a page boundary
  • Fixed issue with the NoPrint flag not being handled correctly in some situations
  • Fixed issue where certain rich text styles were not able to be deserialized in IE11
  • Fixed issue where the signature widget wasn't accessible from the locationSelected event on the signature tool
  • Fixed issue where stamp annotations with the NoZoom property weren't able to be selected easily
  • Fixed issue where autosized FreeText annotations could have the text wrap outside of view sometimes on Chromebooks
  • Fixed issue where a warning message was shown about unknown page ids
  • Fixed issue with displaying the appearance for screen annotations in some cases
  • Fixed issue with appendVisualDiff not handling rotated documents correctly
  • Fixed issue where moving a signature widget didn't move the corresponding signature annotation

WebViewer UI


  • Fixed issue where the rotation handle would cause annotations under it to dissapear
  • Fixed issues where images would overflow from stamp and signature dialogs in IE11
  • Fixed issue where the notes panel in IE was slow even with a fairly small number of annotations
  • Fixed styling of the arrow head for the annotation note connector in IE11
  • Fixed issue where the annotation content overlay could get cut off when it was close to the window boundary
  • Fixed issue where clicking on a signature widget still showed the signature modal even if the tools overlay was hidden
  • Fixed issue where the ribbon button was hidden if there was only a single toolbar group available
  • Fixed issue where the settings icon didn't appear on very small screens
  • Fixed issue where selecting multiple thumbnails with the control key wasn't keeping the current page selected
  • Fixed issue where the resize bars were not able to be disabled
  • Fixed issue where modals weren't able to be vertically scrolled on small screens
  • Fixed issue with a missing annotation FreeText translation
  • Fixed issue with the DOM element for the annotation note connector line not existing in development mode
  • Fixed the icon for file attachment annotations in the notes panel
  • Fixed issue where closing the search panel didn't clear the search results
  • Fixed issue where marked and unmarked states weren't visible from the state dropdown in the notes panel
  • Fixed issue where if the current tool was active and then disabled programmatically the tool would remain active
  • Fixed issue where long words in search results would overflow strangely in IE11
  • Fixed issue where pending comments in the notes panel would be lost if the comment lost focus
  • Fixed issue where the fullscreen button wasn't able to be enabled programmatically on iOS devices
  • Fixed issue where blank spaces weren't able to be added in the color palette