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Announcing YouTube competition

4 Jul 2022

Logan Bittner

We are excited to announce a contest where you can share how PDF.js Express is currently being used, for a chance to win a cash prize and six months of PDf.js Express PLUS.

Contest Guidelines:

Create a short YouTube clip on PDF.js Express in action within your organization, and submit your entry here. Entries will be judged on the criteria below, and winners will be announced on August 16, 2022.

All entries will automatically get an upgrade to PDF.js Express PLUS for 6 months!

To enter, create a PDF.js Express account or login using your current account. Create a 1-2 minute YouTube video explaining :

  • How is PDF.js Express currently being used
  • Who your target audience is
  • What your product is
  • The value it has had on your organization or users.

The YouTube clip must remain public and the description includes “PDF.js Express” and a link to https://pdfjs.express.

Details of the contest are available here. We invite all current and new PDF.js Express users to participate.

Good luck!